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               Guangdong SEAVY Electrical co., ltd (hereafter SEAVY), as a kitchen appliances division divided from his partent company--XINGYUN Group which is established in 1993. Inherited his parent company’s (XINGYUN Group) successful experience and exquisite craft,and integrated with his own innovation and new idea, nowadays SEAVY becomes top5 valuable leading cooker hood manufacturer in China.

               With 40,000+ square meters facilities, 500 skillful workers,50+ professional R & D engineers, 10 advanced assembly lines, our production capacity can reach 1000,000 units per year.Get all approvals and certificates,such as:SGS, RoHs, GS, CB, CE, REACH, EMC, SAA, UL,ISO,BSCI and so on. With more than decades development,our branded customers are spreading over 80 countries of world, and we will strive to presence our footprint to every corner of the world year by year.

        Our strengths:

        * Strong R & D ability,20 new models launched every year

        * Solid & sturdy technology and strict quality control system, ensure premium quality products

        * Strong materials supply chain system, ensure the best cost

        * Huge production capacity, shorten the delivery time

        * Care about employees,company and customers partnership and sustainable grows

        Our Spirit:

        Integrity, Quality, Innovation, Service

        Our Goal:

        Strive for creating a better life for users

        Our Vision:

        Offer better cooking environment for human beings

        Our Values:

        Responsible for quality, produce reputable and premium products


        More than 10years development,striving for next decades

        • 2012

        • 2013

        • 2014

        • 2015

        • 2017

        • 2019

        • 2020

        • 2022

        • 2023

        • Cooker hood division founded

        • Signed contract with Italy design company

        • TMP recognized testing lab set up

        • Passed ISO9001, EMSC approval

        • Obtained high-tech enterprise

        • Awarded "quality brand demonstration enterprise"

        • Awarded "China Top 10 Range Hoods and Water Heaters Export Companies

        • Intelligent modern factory plant put in use

        • Expecting more...


        Completed Certificats and honors, such as: CE,UL,GS,RoHs,Erp,REACH

        • HONORS

        • HONORS

        • HONORS

        • HONORS


        Advanced equipment with clean and confortable working environment





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